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Balloon & Stent Production Manager

Quan Nguyen Hoang Minh is the Manager for Balloon Catheter and Stent manufacturing lines at USM Healthcare. His education background is Biomedical Engineering which is a combination of Mechanics, Electronics, Biology, Human Physiology/Anatomy, Bioinformatics, and Entrepreneurship. With an emerging interdisciplinary knowledge between the fields, it gives him a sharpen factor contributing to the development of the human healthcare appliances.

Quan believes that localization of hi-tech medical device manufacturing will help bring better healthcare to the people. With proper develop strategy, this field of industry will bring both economic and social benefits to the community. At the Manufacturing Department of USM Healthcare, Quan focuses on optimization and maintaining the productivity of the production activities at the highest quality assurance level to ensure that every product is a representation of state-of-the-art technology for human healthcare.

Quan is a graduate of the International University, National University of Ho Chi Minh City. In his spare time, Quan enjoys traveling, expanding his time for RC hobby, playing limited outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends.

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