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Deputy Manufacturing Director

Thuan, Nguyen Van is Deputy Manufacturing Director of USM Healthcare Medical Devices Factory JSC from March, 2017. Being appointed in such a young age, he already has 2 year working as a project engineer designing and developing Drug-eluting stent (DES) and Bare-metal stent (BMS) for coronary intervention, and IV catheter for intravenous cannulation, followed by the last 2 years as R&D Manager.

Under the supervision of Board of Management, Thuan has put his effort into assisting and coordinating with Manufacturing Director to monitor production activities, guide and urge employees to properly implement related processes of the company.

When it comes to a medical device, Thuan has had experience in almost every technical aspect including product design and development, manufacturing and operations, technology transfer, product realization, project management, and product-related regulatory approvals.

“QUALITY IS PRIORITY” is the principle throughout his career - which leads to manufacturing the product safe and effective for the patients, and maintaining the same performance of every product.

“I want my devices to be usable for my family, my relatives, my friends, and my country” - Thuan

He is devotedly working to make this come true.

Thuan holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics from Bach Khoa University (former name - Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology) in Vietnam. After graduated in 2013, he earned several certificates to be qualified to work in the medical field of industry.

Thuan loves playing football, swimming, and table tennis to keep a healthy and productive life. He always makes sure to fit in his daily work as well as be energetic for other activities. In other time outside of the office, Thuan enjoys trekking to the beautiful nature whenever he has the opportunity. He also spends free time reading scientific books and fiction novels and listening to various genres of music.

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