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IV Catheter Production Manager

Phuong Thai is I.V. Catheter Production Manager. After nearly 3 years working at USM, Phuong Thai got a lot of experience in life and had the most precious lesson that you could ask for -- keep moving forward and you will see the things what you want. In the future, Phuong Thai hopes USM will achieve an important position in the field of medical equipment in Vietnam, and will be stronger and more prosperous.

Besides, Phuong Thai has other interest such as backpacking. The first trip, Phuong Thai came to Binh Hung Island in Cam Ranh city. This trip was very venturesome and interesting and helped Phuong Thai stronger and more confident to go other trips. Recently Phuong Thai is also interested in reading Vietnam’s historical books.

Phuong Thai graduated from Bach Khoa University in 2014. Phuong Thai majored in Advanced Material under high quality program of French-Vietnam. The major application is to collect and search the application of new material, new solid-state technology, and nano-technology.

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