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Senior Executive QC & RA

Umme is associated with USM Healthcare Medical Devices Factory JSC. as a Senior Executive QC/QA/RA. Fundamentally a Masters in Microbiology, Umme possesses an amalgamation of acquaintance with several diversified fields embracing Medical Device design & development, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Microbiology, Product & System certification and Regulatory requirements.

With the sense of innovation and passion for learning new concepts, she plays a vital role in developing and implementing new projects and executing systems complying with the latest applicable international standards. 

She has spent almost a decade serving number of Medical Devices Companies as a core & energetic member supporting the overall company’s progress & expansion.

Her Proactive, enthusiastic and assertive attitude propels her to deliver the best & feasible output for each task assigned to her.

Strongly believing in the quote – “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort - John Ruskin”, she incorporate the same in her approach and interaction with her colleagues.

Apart from her professional existence, she loves to spend time with her family especially with her angel daughter and enjoys listening slow music. 

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