VENTKING™ Breathing Circuit - Corrugate

VENTKING™ Ventilation Breathing Circuits System, Corrugate Tubing supports patient in the respiratory system, providing oxygen and anesthesia gas and limiting carbon dioxide to the patient. The corrugate tubing is made of medical grade Polyethylene material. Suitable for ventilation machines in hospital.


  • Successful notch design eliminates the risk of disconnection and leakage in the circuit.
  • High performance water trap.
  • 2 gas sampling port on Y-connector.
  • The circuit is manufactured in 10,000 class clean room.

  • The product complies with ISO 13485:2016 quality regulation.
  • The circuit is made of medical grade material.
  • Sterile option available.

Order Information

Model REF Length Limb Tubing Material
Adult VTK-06210010 160 cm 80 cm PE
Pediatric VTK-06210020 160 cm 60 cm Pe


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