REVAS™ Inflator

REVAS™ Inflator is easy to use with extra luminescent dial in low light conditions during PTCA operation.


  • A basic inflation device set includes high-pressure inflator connecting with rotating luer. Besides, customized set may have Y-connector.
  • Angled gauge with extra luminescent dial in low light conditions.
  • Press-to-release mechanism.
  • Releases pressure at 0 immediately when unlock.
  • Transparent body, clear barrel with bold graduations, easy to observe.
  • Ethylene Oxide sterilization.
  • Origin: Vietnam. Shelf life: 3 years.
  • Packing Specification: 1 set/box.

Order Information

Product code Volume Pressure Acessories
IDE-M2030HTB 20 ml 30 atm Stopcock and Y-connector set
RVI-N2030HTB 20 ml 30 atm Stopcock

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