XPLOSION+™ Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System

XPLOSION+™ Eluting Coronary Stent system is the latest in the second generation of drug eluting stents, an ultimate combination of three outstanding elements: a clinically proven drug - Sirolimus, a modified Cobalt Chromium stent platform, and an excellent bioabsorbable drug carrier.

XPLOSION+™ takes the ideal definition of Safety - Efficiency - Deliverability for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) to a higher level, convinces with its trusted technology and largest size portfolio available provides high end performance with less metallic coverage but reliable outcomes, and offers an optimal solution for improving luminal diameter and reducing in-stent restenosis when treating coronary artery lesions.


Unique Stent Platform Design


  • X-Ray and MRI compatible stent material and excellent radial strength.
  • Perfect flexibility due to open design of 3 interlinks per 9 crown-segments.
  • Lower crossing profile to address complex anatomies.
  • Stent platform controls effectively the drug release kinetics.
  • Ideal strut width and coating thickness help provide faster re-endothelialization *
  • Optimal vessel adaption and lumen coverage.
  • No leakage of heavy metal ions.

Compliance Data

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Technical Data

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Order Information

8 10 13 16 18 23 28 33 38 43 48
2.25 XPS22508 XPS22510 XPS22513 XPS22516 XPS22518 XPS22523 XPS22528 - - - -
2.50 XPS25008 XPS25010 XPS25013 XPS25016 XPS25018 XPS25023 XPS25028 XPS25033 XPS25038 XPS25043 -
2.75 XPS27508 XPS27510 XPS27513 XPS27516 XPS27518 XPS27523 XPS27528 XPS27533
XPS27538 XPS27543 XPS27548
3.00 XPS30008 XPS30010 XPS30013 XPS30016 XPS30018 XPS30023 XPS30028 XPS30033 XPS30038 XPS30043 XPS30048
3.25 XPS32508 XPS32510 XPS32513 XPS32516 XPS32518 XPS32523 XPS32528 XPS32533 XPS32538 XPS32543 XPS32548
3.50 XPS35008 XPS35010 XPS35013 XPS35016 XPS35018 XPS35023 XPS35028 XPS35033 XPS35038 XPS35043 XPS35048
4.00 XPS40008 XPS40010 XPS40013 XPS40016 XPS40018 XPS40023 XPS40028 XPS40033 XPS40038 XPS40043 XPS40048
Ø: Nominal Diameter                       L: Stent Length


XPLOSION+™ Stent Length

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