USM Healthcare Medical Equipment Factory Joint Stock Company (USM Healthcare Company) was established in 2012 and is the first company in Vietnam to produce cardiovascular products such as:

√ Balloon catheters.

√ Coronary Stent System

√ Intravenous catheters

USM Healthcare factory is well equipped with facilities to meet high-tech production requirements including production workshops, microbiology and quality control rooms, testing rooms, materials and packing warehouses.

USM Healthcare is constantly maintaining and improving its quality control and management system in accordance with the required standards.

Certifications obtained by USM Healthcare:

ISO9001      ISO 1345     

       GMP     ISO 14001   ISO 13485               




USM Healthcare Company is committed to distributing products with the motto: Safety first. We always look for creativity and we ask, "What can we do better?" in terms of public health care. The staffs are professional engineers who constantly receive feedbacks from doctors and users to improve products and perfect them, in order to meet the needs and trends of using high quality products in the domestic and international health sector.

With the strategy of investment and sustainable development, and with the goal of quality assurance, USM Healthcare Factory strives to become the leading research and manufacture unit of high-tech medical disposable equipment and supplies in Vietnam. USM Healthcare is constantly attempting to bring out the core values: Safety - Quality - Prestige, to become the perfect choice for providing medical disposable products and supplies.




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