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By the end of year 2017, USM Healthcare has some activities of maintaining Vietnamese traditional culture. The specific activities are as below



Activity No. 1 "Spring Mau Tuat - USM 2018". With the topic of wearing Vietnamese Ao Dai, each employee brought the most perfected beautiful beauty to the contest. And these are the ones that were liked and shared the most on Facebook.

Group award


1st runner up belongs to the Factory II - The photo is high solidarity

team office

2nd runner up belongs to Tran Tuan Khai Office

Couple award

1st runner up couple

1st runner up: Hoàng Ngọc Như- Nguyễn Hoàng Thanh Vi

2nd runner up couple

2nd runner up: Nguyễn Đình Vũ Hoàng- Bùi Thị Thu Hà

3rd runner up  

3rd runner up: Huỳnh Thanh Nghĩa- Nguyễn Thị Như Sương

Solo award

1st runner up

1st runner up: Ms. Bằng Giang - Ha Noi Office

1st runner up

1st runner up: Mr.Long - Tran Tuan Khai Office

2rd runner up

2nd runner up: Ms.Kim Liên - USM Healthcare factory

2nd runner up

2nd runner up: Mr.Thái Phương - USM Healthcare factory

The next activity is "Chung cake Packing Festival - Spring of 2018". Chung cake has meaning of reunion, simplicity and warmth which is an indispensable symbol in Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday. However, it is difficult to make this kind of cake in the bustle city as people are busy. Instead, people buy ready-to-eat Chung cake at the market, shop or supermarket for convenience.

Chung cakes

So many Chung cakes!!!

Chung cakes

Everyone looks so happy to make Chung cakes

Chung cakes

The first batch of Chung cakes have been done

Chung cakes

Prepare to cook…

cook Chung cakes

Light a fire together…

Chung cakes

Wow, it’s 4 am and look at these nice Chung cakes…

Chung cakes result

And finally this is our result!!!

Understanding the wishes of the staffs, USM Healthcare held the "Chung cake Festival Packing - spring of 2018". With the full participation of all employees, the most meaningful Chung cakes were made, and USM Healthcare give each staff the Chung cake to enjoy the spring with the family.

The most memorable activity is “visiting Lam Quang pagoda”.

The Pagoda is located at 301 / 117H / 70 Ben Binh Dong Street, Ward 14, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM.

Charity of USM Healthcare Factory

Visiting Lam Quang pagoda

At here, there are more than 135 single, paralyzed, disable people and 8 children who need to take care of. Our company presented meaningful gifts such as fruit cake, milk, book bag, pen, notebook, medical clay bag, sticks for elderly, and self-packed Chung cake to the elderly and children to enjoy the incoming spring. The moment of giving gift to the elderly and children at Lam Quang Pagoda was touched and it made every member of the USM Healthcare family so happy. We have just given the love!

Charity of USM Healthcare Factory

Giving meaningful gift to the handicapped

Over the past year, looking back at the joyful, Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday and meaningful volunteer activities, every member is proud of the USM Healthcare family and hope to become fond of each other forever. Wishing our big family goes to a new year with more and more memorable activities.

Year end party 2017


Year end Party 2017

Year end award

Thanks for the wholehearted contribution to the success of the company


Sales Office