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Heartfelt Kindness in Covid 19

USM Healthcare Charity Program

Over the past 2 years, on the roads, on the alleyways, or in the center of the city, we have seen the rides of love bringing food and medical supplies from philanthropists to pandemic-stricken areas. This has spread positivity and care to every corner of the society. Kindness blooms in charity meals, water tanks, baguette cases on the street; in rice ATMs, in 0-dong supermarkets and stores; in free-of-charge mechanic stations and diners for the poor and the disabled.

Bearing in mind the sharing spirit and the mantra “Share which that we possess, not which that is excess”, the Board of directors of USM Healthcare together with the unity of officers and staffs, who are under the “3 on-the-spots” motto, have contributed our humble effort to presenting the gifts of healthcare and encouraging people in lockdown areas as well as frontline medical workers, in hope of assuring people of overcoming this harsh time.


USM Healthcare staff aiding the delivery of protective kit and food to citizens of Ward 10 – District 6 - HCMC

Witnessing the blissful gaze of children as our group approached, and the misty eyes of the elders as we handed the gifts, USM Healthcare could only wish to timely give as much food as possible to those in need, accompanying them over the arduous period and committing our effort to the national prevention against the pandemic.


To carry out the mission effectively, our charity group was separated into smaller teams with specific tasks for each member, which were assigned to different areas. With a view to effectively preventing the disease, we made sure that employees on duty must strictly follow safety regulations, especially the “5K” message. 

Photos of Covid-19 pandemic-stricken people receiving aids.

Furthermore, beyond our humble activities, there are myriad acts of kindness, care, and share by the people. All of those have proven the benevolent and righteous heart of the City’s people who unite in fighting Covid-19. 


Our sincere hope that “after rain comes sunshine” and after the pandemic returns the peace for the Vietnamese.



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