NOTRIX - Non-Compliant PTCA Balloon Catheter

NOTRIX rapid exchange balloon catheter is intended to be used for percutaneous translumi- nal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) for the purpose of improving myocardial blood flow in the localized stenotic lesion of the coronary arteries, NOTRIX™ is specifically designed for post-dilatation of stents and dilatation of hard coronary lesions.

NOTRIX is a non-compliant PTCA balloon catheter that maintains pressure when needed without compromising on flexibility, profile and catheter performance.


Treat a wide range of complex lesions and help optimize stent deployment        

- Crossability: Proprietary folding and pleating reduce the primary profile, helping you reach even hard-to treat lesion

- Recrossability: Innovative hydrophilic coating improves lubricity and durability through multiple crosses

- Flexibility: New generation Quadflex balloon material improves balloon pleating and folding and also improves material memory especially after folding. The kink resistant shaft improve crossability and track- ability


Innovative balloon and catheter shaft design

- Lubricious coated, stainless steel hypotube 1.7F proximal shaft using “skive shape” design  brings  the  efficient flow, small profile, smooth transition, and flexibility all together, leading to a benefical confomability.

- Pebax/Nylon distal shaft with SiLX2 coating for excellent tactile feel.

- Small balloon shoulders and reduced balloon profile by revolutionary pleating and folding methodology.

- Proven Platinum markers provide better radiopacity and ensure visibility when entering the lesion site.

Packaging Content

1 pc/box. The pakaging was steriled by EO

Compliance Data

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Technical Data

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Order Information



9 13 17 21 25 33
2.50 NTN-250X09TP NTN-250X13TP NTN-250X17TP NTN-250X21TP NTN-250X25TP NTN-250X33TP
2.75 NTN-275X09TP NTN-275X13TP NTN-275X17TP NTN-275X21TP NTN-275X25TP NTN-275X33TP
3.00 NTN-300X09TP NTN-300X13TP NTN-300X17TP NTN-300X21TP NTN-300X25TP NTN-300X33TP
3.25 NTN-325X09TP NTN-325X13TP NTN-325X17TP NTN-325X21TP NTN-325X25TP NTN-325X33TP
3.50 NTN-350X09TP NTN-350X13TP NTN-350X17TP NTN-350X21TP NTN-350X25TP NTN-350X33TP
3.75 NTN-375X09TP NTN-375X13TP
NTN-375X17TP NTN-375X21TP NTN-375X25TP NTN-375X33TP
4.00 NTN-400X09TP NTN-400X13TP NTN-400X17TP NTN-400X21TP NTN-400X25TP NTN-400X33TP
Ø: Nominal Diameter               L: Balloon Length



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